Woocommerce UK shipping zones

If you want to use the in-built woocommerce UK Shipping zones to create flexible shipping rates based on the UK Post Codes without the need for any plugins this guide will show you how.

Charge a delivery supplement based on Post code in Woocommerce

I have just recently helped a customer set up woocommerce for a store that sell furniture in the UK. But these items are bulky and delivering to remote parts of the UK has an additional cost that cannot easily be covered in the base unit price. Here is a summary of what the client requested:-

  • “Free Delivery” for mainland UK. The cost of delivery to mainland UK would be included in the item price.
  • Offer the customer the option of Saturday Delivery at checkout for an extra charge.
  • Add an additional delivery charge to the overall order for the following regions
    • Industrial Scotland
    • Scottish Offshore
    • London, Devon & Cornwall
    • Grampians
    • Highlands
    • Isle of Wight
  • Not offer delivery any delivery options to some postcodes

What information you need

First, contact your shipping company and get the rates they charge for different post codes in the UK.

Here is the Parcelforce PostCodes by Area and this is a list of the Surcharge for the different zones

In the examples below I am using rates the postcode regions from DX Freight

How to exclude a UK Postcode from delivery?

If for some reason you don’t want to offer delivery to a particular UK postcode this can be done as follows

Select woocommerce->setting->Shipping

The select “Add Shipping zone”

  • Zone Name “No Shipping”
  • Zone Regions United Kingdom and click “Limit to specific ZIP/Postcode”
  • Fill in the Postcodes to exclude
  • DO NOT add any shipping Methods – this will stop woocommerce accepting orders for these postcodes
  • Save Changes

Use the 3 Lines to drag this to the top of your Shipping Zones. WooCommerce will pick the first matching postcode in the order you sort the Shipping zones.

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