Single Page Website

A single page website is perfect for many business that have a focused service or product. A single page design allows you clearly communicate to your customers all the information they need. Today most of your customers will be visiting your website on a mobile device and a single page design works perfectly on a mobile or larger device using a responsive design that adapts to get your message across quickly and clearly. We can design and build you a custom Single Page Website to fit your exact needs to get your business started or give it that fresh sharp look that will drive more business.

eCommerce Website

Having your own eCommerce platform to sell your products and services is not as complex as you might think. MyDuck Marketing can help you to design an eCommerce platform thats right for your business. An eCommerce platform is a website with more functionality. It allows you to advertise your products, take orders, process payments and help you ship the products to the customer. There are a number of eCommerce platforms many that can be seamlessly integrated into your current website. A good example that we like at MyDuck is WooCommerce that works with WordPress and has support for many payment and delivery modules.

Drop Shipping Website

Drop shipping is an amazing way to offer your customers high quality items without the need for you to carry any inventory or have to worry about delivery or customer support. At Myduck Marketing we can build you an elegant online store that integrates directly with your drop shipping partner to automatically update inventory levels, prices and variants.

  • Built using WooCommerce no monthly subscription fees
  • Unlimited number of products
  • We can design custom software to integrate with any drop shipping partner
  • Sell you products on Google Shopping
  • Seamless mix your own products and drop ship products in a single store
  • Take payment form Stripe, Paypal
  • Integrate with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, instagram, Facebook

How do I start Drop Shipping?

At MyDuck Marketing we run are own drop shipping website using all the tools we provide to our customers. Take a look at our own store to get an idea of what we can do for you. No experience or technical knowledge required.

Single product Website

Are launching a new product? Maybe you have a private label brand on Amazon as an FBA. If you need a website to sell your private label product on Google Shopping to compliment your Amazon eBay or Etsy stores, we can design a custom website for you using wooCommerce that will allow you to sell your product . We use wooCommerce for all our e-commerce sites and this is very easy to scale from a single product to thousands of products. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements we’ve been building websites for years and know exactly what you need when it comes to that website for your private label brands.

About MyDuck Marketing

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MyDuck Marketing was founded by Will Brown. Will has been working in marketing and software design & development since the dawn of the personal computer. Will combines his mix of geek and marketing knowledge to deliver a complete solution to fit your budget.